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We are also offering effective and advanced Hearing Aids to the hearing impaired. We offer a variety of hearing aids and related products and services Promoted by Mr. Sandeep Kamboj, the company was first established by Mr. Krishan Chander in 1971. Under the guidance of Mr. Krishan Chander, who has years of experience in the field of ENT, we have grown to a position of repute. Indian Audio Center has been Manufacturing of Teflon Implants for Ear Surgery and Leading Hearing Aid Dispenser, used widely by all the leading Hospitals and Institutions, Nursing Homes. All our Implants are hand crafted by skilled professionals and tested to meet the specifications and satisfaction of the surgeon, Hosptials. We are engaged in offering wide range of products .


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Resound Megna 490 Digital Power BTE INR  28495 INR  25495
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-10.53 %
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Intertone Stage 283 Behind The Ear Digital Manual Hearing Aid INR  9500 INR  9000
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-5.26 %
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Siemens Signia Digital BTE Hearing Aid INR  14995 INR  14000
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-6.64 %
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Alps 6 S Pro RIC INR  41000 INR  34000
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-17.07 %
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Hearwell Excellent+ Bodyworn Hearing Aid INR  1200 INR  1000
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-16.67 %
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Interton Stage 273 Behind The Ear Manual Digital Hearing Aid INR  7900 INR  7400
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-6.33 %
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Bernafon Inizia 1 Cpx BTE Digital Hearing Aid INR  25000 INR  22000
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-12 %
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Custom Ear Mould Both Ears INR  1180
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Bernafon Saphira CIC Right Ear INR  75000 INR  70000
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-6.67 %
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Bernafon Navera1 CIC P INR  42500 INR  40000
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-5.88 %
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