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The introduction of wireless connectivity in hearing aids will allow people to connect their hearing aids with a wide range of mobile devices which have become an essential part of modern life – from iPod players to Smart TVs and mobile phones – and to stay connected to the audible world around. β€œTo allow hearing aid users to fully benefit from the possibilities that wireless technology has to offer, it is important that we connect to all kinds of mobile devices. [ 451 more words ]
5th Genration 2.4Ghz wireless Hearing aids by Resound, Made for iphone hearing aids with features like ear to ear comunications and direct connection to mobile app. Supported by wireless accessories. Expereince 60% more Clarity of sounds around you. Understand 60% better Speech under standing in noise situation. Resound 3 D Available in all styles like Super power BTE, RIC, ITC, CIC, IIC to suit all budgets. Book a Trial Now Smart hearing, Making Life Sound better